Results driven, property people.

We are the best performing real estate agent in the area for one simple reason – our people, and the way we all feel about every single property we market. When it’s time to sell we’d like you to think that your property is as important to us as it is to you and that’s why we have a specialist dedicated to every suburb we work in.

A specialist who knows the market, knows the suburb and knows how to sell – but more importantly, a specialist who has a sense of humility and can see things from someone else’s point of view.

That’s why, of the 90%* of listings we get we convert to a sale – and though that may say something about how good our team is at selling, it says a lot more about the trust our clients have of us in delivering them a result.

At Space we don’t take anything for granted – and we appreciate that staying the best at anything is difficult. That’s why we work hard on building the best possible team – a team that shares a vision for success and understands that giving, for the benefit of others is just as important as what we may receive in return.

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