Now Is The Time For Action

Spring time is traditionally the most popular time to sell, as the sun is out, and its typically when your property is looking at its best with the flowers blooming, green grass, warmer weather and longer days. Plus, the added benefit of being able to have everything wrapped up before Christmas.
However, there is one pretty significant downside to the spring rush if you’re a seller, and that is that the number of homes that hit the market increases the choices for buyers and increases the competition between sellers.

If you’re the only kid on the block with a home for sale, with five buyers deciding they want to scrap it out, you’re in a pretty nice position. If there is another similar property for sale, then you might only have two buyers. If there is a third similar home for sale, you might feel fortunate to have one buyer in negotiation mode. When this happens, the weight of negotiation shifts considerably away from the seller to the buyer and it will absolutely impact on the end price.

So, what’s the message here? As Robert De Niro says in ‘Meeting The Parents’ “It’s time to get your house in order, Focker!”

This is highlighted with current stock levels in WA reflecting a shortage of stock with REIWA reporting 8,479 properties for sale. The same week last year was 8,511, BUT the important statistic is that in October last year the number jumped to nearly 10,000 homes on the market, or 20% more competition to those in sell mode.

As I have mentioned to a few of my clients, now is one of the best times of the year to sell, there will definitely be more properties coming onto the market, so it’s important to hit the market before everyone else and to make sure it stands out amongst the crowd.
In spring, like any other time of year when selling a property, the focus should be on presentation. A spring clean is definitely in order. Making sure your home is immaculate and shining is paramount.

Here are some tips:

Spring Clean
You’ll need to declutter and depersonalise your home, this is only temporary but can also be liberating! Channel your inner Marie Kondo. Also, the more you get rid of now, the less you need to pack. Don’t forget outside, we also need to ensure your curb appeal is on point with tidy gardens and manicured lawns, bright pops of flowers, and trimmed shrubs and hedges.

Let the light in
Welcome the sunshine in by drawing all curtains and blinds open. Polish all surfaces to perfection so that the light bounces off them and your home sparkles. Pay close attention to your windows, glass, mirrors, metallic or chrome fittings and your floors. Don’t forget to clean your drapes and blinds so that they’re dust free, crisp and fresh, and won’t provoke any allergies.

Add aromatics
You can use the cliché freshly baked bread, but simply airing out your home and using freshly-clipped flowers to brighten up the space or a candle to add a fragrant touch.

Pops of colour
Use light and bright colours for your throws, cushions, towels, bath mats, artwork and other accessories. Replacing these items is an inexpensive way to make a big impact and lighten up rooms. This will be more alluring to potential buyers.

Up your street game
Increase your curb appeal with flowers. Yellow flowers like tulips and daffodils will stimulate the buyer’s senses. Position pots of flowers and greenery around the property and at the entrance. Attention to the details outside is very important as it really does make the first impression. Don’t forget to also rake the leaves and trim back bushes to let the light inside your home. Lastly, mow diagonally as it gives the appearance of a bigger yard. Jim taught me that.

If I know one thing from selling homes from $1mil to $10mil, it is the atmosphere, the charm, the magic – that feeling of ‘I love this place and I want my life to be here’, that allows us to achieve the best price for our clients. And this is all about having the home reflecting its most beautiful self.